For the love of birds!

Unexpectedly during a trip to Calgary, Alberta while visiting my brother and his family in 2012, I fell in love with birds. A few days into my stay in Western Canada, my brother asked if I’d like to go to the pet store with him and my two nieces to buy a treat for his dog Zeus. Trips to the pet store are a regular activity in their household, however, much MORE exciting with Aunt Al in tow! I happily agreed to tag along with them to PetSmart that Saturday afternoon.

Wandering around PetSmart, I saw many wonderful animals available for adoption, however the sights and sounds of the canaries unexpectedly astounded me! A canary, I thought, is a very common bird, however encountering them in the pet store that day, I wondered if I had ever actually seen a canary before? The cage of canaries was very large, but not the focal point of the pet store’s bird section. In the large cage, I saw mostly yellow and a few orange canaries going about their business in the most expressive ways; singing, eating, playing, preening, etc. Their stature is short and round – with a few a bit rounder than others! Pictured is a Gloster Fancy Canary, a male named Hans, (photo credit below) during a spring moult, hence his feathers are a little awry. I was so intrigued by the character of the birds during my trip to Calgary, I enthusiastically wanted to discover more about canaries and other birds when I returned home.

Over the next four months, I spent close to every spare moment I had researching all species of birds that can be adopted as pets. Birds are NOT domesticated animals like cats and dogs, they are essentially wild, yet can adapt to living in households. Months of careful research led me to finally decide to adopt my bird Hector who is now four years old. My bird Hector is a particular breed of parakeet – a Lineolated parakeet, which is a type of parrot. I do not have the space in this post to fully discuss Hector, but I can briefly say that Hector is a surprisingly expressive parakeet! He speaks approximately 10 words/phrases mostly in appropriate context, ex) “hi” when I come home, etc. It is amazing because only a small percentage of parakeets will speak – I’ve read approximately 20% of Lineolated parakeets “Linnie’s” talk. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about how Hector chose me as his favourite human the day we met, and how I was told that birds choose you, you do not choose the bird 😊 More to come! Feel free to leave a comment & please sign up for my weekly emails Lovelies I’m sure that you’ll enjoy them!

Here is a photo of Hector:

The featured picture of Hans during a spring moult with his scruffy feathers and partial bowl cut reminded me of the late Chris Farley’s character in Tommy Boy, lol. RIP Chris Farley and please enjoy one of my favourite clips:


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