Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese art and science of living in harmony with the environment. It is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and Taoist philosophy and it is a way of seeing and interacting with elements of the universe. In this article I will briefly introduce several of the factors (colours, elements, shapes, life aspects, etc.) that Feng Shui considers in the context of the home. Below is a simple mapping of colours, life aspects, shapes and elements. This is a simple representation of the Bagua which you overlay to the floor plan of your home:

Here is a simpler rendering to start with (excuse my handwriting :):

Align the bottom of the Bagua with the front door entrance wall as indicated on this rendering.

Our entrance way door is in the Career & Work Success area which is associated with the colour black, the element water and undulating shapes. In certain sections of the Bagua, it is helpful to add elements and avoid other elements; in our case, regarding the front entry way, adding metal and avoiding earth elements is helpful to the life aspect of Career and work successes.

Below is a picture of our floor plan overlaid with the simpler Bagua to provide an example of how to map your home:

I’ve decided to place art works and relocate a few items we have in the house to help harmonize our home.

Examples of prints that I’m using include:

FAMILY Section: GREEN – GOLD, WATER – Flowers Print & Clovers:

HEALTH & WELLBEING section: Yellow, Earth tones, Earth – Tree Prints:

TRAVEL & hELPFUL PEOPLE Section: Grey, white, rounded or oval shapes – Butterflies #1

KNOWLEDGE & SPIRITUALITY Section: Blue, Black, Earth – Blue Flowers

I’ll keep you posted as to how these prints look in each room of our home in a future post. I’m working with high quality printers to ensure my work is accurately represented when re-sized.

A full view of my portfolio can be seen on my Etsy page or Saatchi Artist profile. Prints generally start at $150 CAD however are often made to order to fit the space of your home. If you’ve found a print that you like, feel free to contact me to provide the length and height in inches of your chosen piece and I will provide a specific quote for prints to canvas or glicee print for framing.

Below are the links to my portfolio:

Please see my updated article on Feng Shui Art Solutions here!

I’m looking forward to writing more on Feng Shui topics, it is definitely a complex art with much more to placement, elements, landscape, compass markings, etc. Feel free to sign up for my Thursday Newsletter as to not miss an article. Thursday Newsletter contact here: Aly’s Newsletter. 

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