New Quilted Ink and Watercolour piece

Most people have at least one wall space that they could label a ‘feature wall’. Ours is in our central stairwell. I like to hang a featured piece of my art in that space, and tend to often sell the piece as time goes on. I recently sold several pieces of artwork listed in a previous post. These sales allowed for more freed up wall space in my home – a favourite occurrence for me!

I carefully selected this ink and watercolour piece to fill the void in my central stairwell.

This piece is entitled: ‘Blue Green Quilt graphic No.1, 2018’. Ink, watercolour, digital media. The piece can be hung horizontally or vertically. I chose to hang it vertically, as it suited my space better. Below are hanging options, however the default is set to vertical – please let me know if you’re interested in hanging it horizontally. Four sizes are available on Redbubble and the piece will ship securely to your door. Please see this link for dimensions and pricing.

The above photos are in-situ photos to get an overall idea of the work placed in environments. The pictured art would be custom sized to suit your space. Please contact me should you be interested in sizing beyond what is available through Redbubble.

I’m really enjoying this piece!!

Until later,

xo, Aly.

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