Vibrant Piece – Ink and Watercolour Artwork

I have been working with ink and watercolour mediums since my teenage years. There is a juxtapostional harmony with these mediums that attract me to working with them. When I first started working with ink and watercolour, I tended to create pieces with only black ink on grey and black watercolour. This featured piece is a strong departure from my beginnings.

I love how the coral, blue, greens, greys and blacks work together in this piece. I used ink and watercolour and digital techniques to produce this artwork. This quilt-like design can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit the space it is exhibited in.

Four sizes are available on the Redbubble site, however shown above are ‘in-situ’ photos of custom sizing available for your space. To see pricing and dimensions easily available on Redbubble, please click here.

For custom sizing, please contact me.

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