What is an Xennial?

I relate to the characteristics identified in a new ‘micro generation’ the Xennial. What is an Xennial? Xennials are a recently identified ‘micro generation’ sitting between Gen Xer’s and Millennials, hence: Xennials.

This micro generation is generally aged between 34 and 41 today. They don’t identify with the often disheartened Gen Xer’s (after the Baby Boomers) who who ask themselves “why participate? :/” and Xennials also aren’t frantically documenting their narrative on Instagram and Snapchat like Millennials. (@Mhaire Fraser/The Medium App). Below is a helpful infographic of the breakdown of generations:

Xennials overlap with Gen Xer’s, Gen Y and Millennials.¬†Generations are defined by age, geography, shared resources, shared experiences and similar use of tools or technology.¬† These attributes identify the cultural knowledge and qualities of a ‘Generation’. The Xennials are unique from Millennials and Gen Xers and have been said to be “The lucky ones” with the most varied experiences in technology AND tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit.

A few facts about Xennials:

Xennials were the first generation to grow up with household computers and have internet access!

Xennials are active on social media, though they grew up without Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

Many Xennials didn’t get their first cellphone until their late teens or early twenties and are familiar with calling friends on land lines.

Xennials witnessed a huge change in the music industry from making cassette tapes to changing their music collection to CD’s to downloading songs on Napster

Xennials may have been hit hardest by the recession because of a combination of student loan debt, job losses and other factors. (@Business Insider)

The New York Times ran a piece on the dreaded “Class of 2001” who were Xennials just leaving University or College with huge student debt an few prospects for jobs. Xennials also witnessed the financial collapse of 2008, young in their careers. It has been said that they were hit hardest by these collapses as the economy tanked just as they were finding jobs or starting their careers. The average Millennial would have been 18 years old during the financial crisis, whereas the Xennial would have been 28 years old or so – completely different experiences.

In 2001 I entered the work force, not in a job that I chose as my ‘dream job’ but I took what I had access to given the economy and my skills – a French speaking loan adjudicator in a Bank downtown. Later during the financial crisis, I was thankfully reshuffled in my financial firm, so maintained a job during this time. Xennials have have these experiences of working for Baby Boomers and seeing significant downturns in the economy which affected them. These experiences often make the Xennial roll their eyes at the bright eyed Millennial seeking the ‘perfect work life balance’ and their ‘dream job’ nowadays – we’d say “you’re lucky to have a job!”


I recently watched “Iliza : Elder Millennial” on Netflix and found her to be hilarious! Watch the trailer here:

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