2017's Luckiest Colours & Materials

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster which has many implications for the various eastern and western zodiac signs. In this article, I review the luckiest colours and materials to place in your home according to the Chinese Year of the Rooster.

In short, fire, metal, reds, metallic greys are associated with the Fire sign of the Rooster. Feng Shui remedies are used in spaces and help harmonize the space through placement of specific objects in auspicious colours and materials.

To harmonize overly fiery red, metallic elements – earth elements should be introduced to the home. Earth colours include green, yellow, orchre, brown, etc. Earth materials include wood, paper, pottery, etc. The most beneficial areas to apply these colours and materials are in your living-room, master bedroom, kitchen, front door or office.

For example, in my living-room I’ve placed tapas dishes on the window sill to create some ‘grounding’ with placing an earth element to neutralize the natural fire elements in that room. Tapas dishes found here.

The kitchen, because of the stove, appliances and heat tends to need to be balanced with earth elements, in any given year. Here are examples of art prints in earthier colours to harmonize in the kitchen (available on Etsy) :

An alternative to art prints are wood and earthen objects in harmonizing shapes. Here is a curated group of my favourite harmonizing solutions that work both as home décor and have dining use:

7 Pc Cherry Finish Wooden salad serving set

Graffiti Garden Coaster Set

Dansk Wood Classics Salad Server set

Le Creuset of America Tapas Dish 17 Oz


Boulevarte Handmade Wooden Salad BowlLipper International 13inch Cherry Wavy Rim BowlSeveral garden prints in greens, yellows and darker earthy colours are available in made to order sizing on canvas or print options – please discuss dimensions and pricing with me 🙂

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