An Introduction to wine tasting

Good afternoon Lovelies, this week I’m sharing some of my finds to help with wine tasting as well as some fun glasses – links provided.

Below are photos of two versions of ‘Le Nez du Vin’ wine aroma set:

54 Aroma Set of Le Nez du Vin

6 Scents of le Nez du Vin

And for the Master Sommelier:

The Master Sommelier Wine Kit – 88 Aromas and wheel included

I have tried le Nez du Vin aromas and I found them incredibly helpful in distinguishing the many aromas that can present in a glass of wine. I recommend trying these kits out.

Above is a wine aging tool: The Peugeot Clef du Vin. It enables you to open a bottle earlier than recommended and manually age the wine yourself. I have tried a clef du vin of lower price than the Peugeot shown, and have noticed quite a difference. Its an exciting exercise!

Below are a few fun glasses that I stumbled across and wanted to share with you, links to purchase provided:

Diamond Glass set of 2

My favourite house: House of Targaryen 14oz stemless wine glasses

The Puuurrrfect wine glass – 12 oz

And my coasters of course, link provided to my Etsy store to purchase. These are entitled ‘Graffiti Garden coaster set’

Graffiti Garden Coaster set of 4

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