I create ink and watercolour artwork and apply new media technologies to the base artwork. I have recently completed several pieces of art in colour schemes of black, white and grey. The pieces are informed by graffiti art, quilts and calming rounded or geometric patterns.

Below is a piece available in four sizes on Redbubble – please click here for product sizing and pricing:

The piece above is entitled ‘Black geometric pattern, No.1, 2018.’. Ink, watercolour, digital media.

Above is a black abstract graffiti canvas print available in four sizes with custom sizing available as well. This work is entitled ‘Black graffiti print, No.1, 2018.’ Ink, watercolour, digital media. This original graffiti artwork is available in five colours: Black, Green, Blue, Purple and White multicoloured. Please see Redbubble for more colour options.

I love the above black and grey quilted graphic piece. I think it would look fabulous in many rooms. Please see pricing and sizing options here.

This is a rounded black patterned piece; black and grey ink, watercolour and digital media. If interested please click here for more information.

Finding the right piece of art is often difficult. I hope that you found these four examples of black art interesting to consider for your space. As always, Redbubble offers only four sizing options, however I can customize the art print to suit your space. Feel free to contact me to discuss.

Until next time, take care,