This week I’m sharing my favourite family, baby and dog items I have experience with. I’m an approved affiliate of & L’Occitane – this post includes a curation of awesome items I’ve tried and are considering for purchase. If you decide to purchase through these links the above mentioned companies will forward to me a small referral fee which doesn’t increase the cost to you and helps keeps this website going! So thanks in advance for any purchases! Below is my curation of favourite items.

We decided to buy the Owlet Sock for our son. It was a big purchase at a price of approximately $399! I can say that it has been worth every penny for us. The sock is placed on a baby’s right foot and monitors heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the night. The sock alarms you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels are falling outside of a normal range. As a new mom, this was a lifesaver. Within the first weeks of bringing my son home, I often woke up sporatically just to check his breathing. Babies have irregular breathing as is, so it sounds laboured to us naturally. I worried through the nights when we didn’t have our Owlet sock. The sock is designed for use of infants 1 day old to 18 months old. The Owlet comes with 3 sizes of socks to fit your baby’s growing foot. The monitor has worked extremely well for us and we did decide to pair it with a video monitor as well. Here is the listing on for the Owlet sock:

For more reviews and purchasing information please see website here.

The best smelling shampoo for baby and child that I’ve found is the Original Sprout Worry Free natural baby shampoo. Its a vegan shampoo with nothing harmful in it AND it smells amazing!! The price point is higher, but well worth it for the smell and worry-free aspect. Our bottle has lasted us 8 months and counting. Here it is:

For more reviews and purchasing information please see website here.

Dry Shampoo! An essential. I haven’t tried this one yet, however a friend has and she says that its the one to go with. I’ll try it out and let you know. If you’re interested, please see below:

For reviews and purchasing info – please see website here.


I’m a fan of Advent calendars that DO NOT have candy in them. I’m always managing my weight and there are enough treats around the holidays as is. Here are a few advent calendars that do not have candy in them:

This advent calendar is for 1-5 year olds and is my top pick for this season. For more information please visit the website here.

Melissa & Doug wooden Advent calendar for ages 4+ can be found here.

LEGO city Advent calendar can be found here.

A dog treat advent calendar can be found here:

Please see website for reviews – last time I checked this item was sold out already!! Please see website here.

And my favourite advent calendar is from L’Occitane!! Please see below:

Please see website here for the Signature collection!

Please see website here for the Luxury advent calendar collection!

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