Flowers: Art Study No.1

This is where my series of studies of flowers began, with the grey image to the right (or above if on mobile).

In 2012, after a long sojourn from producing art, I was inspired to use my watercolour and ink materials to make this piece entitled “Flower: Study No. 1”.

I had been involved in a serious accident in 2012, which affected my mobility significantly for close to a year (leg casts & wheelchair). I learned during that time that people, no matter how sympathetic they are about your situation, need to go on with their daily lives regardless if your needs are suddenly heighted. This is common, I believe that sufferers of all conditions, chronic pain, etc. “suffer in silence” although we say: “don’t suffer in silence”.

One way I coped during this time, was with creating watercolour and ink paintings of flowers. I felt that the time to receive flowers had passed but the pain of the accident was a daily reality for me. I found it comforting and rewarding to paint between painful physio exercises and long doctors appointments, thus this flowers series was created. Most of these prints are available through my Etsy Store or my Saatchi Profile, however the original grey flowers shown is only available through my website. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

Below are the eventual colour and geometric variations of “Flower Study: No. 1” available for purchase.

Flower Study: Red and Yellow

Flowers: Blue and Yellow

Flowers: Green and Yellow

Flowers: Purple and Red

Flowers: Original (Section)

A two pieces viewed in a living room.

More can be viewed on my Etsy and Saatchi profiles, please see the links below:

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