Heirlooms - To Give and Receive

This week I’m sharing a point of contention among many families – HEIRLOOMS!

Filigree Collar – $1,500

Yep – I’m broaching that topic – no pun intended :/ lol

I think we all have family members who are concerned about what was or will be given to them OR who want to talk about what THEY will give to others. I’m not a fan of any of these conversations because at the core are topics of: death and worth. I believe death and worth are measured beyond personal possessions and dollar amounts, however when these conversations are had, they tend to be short and unfulfilling – they deserve more thought if to be spoken about. When I think of death and worth, I think, rather of stories and moments as a measure of worth after the person passes. However, to have an item to remember someone by, for me, strengthens the memory of that person. If the person forwards on a sum which helps your ability to pursue dreams that were important to the deceased person as well, that is also a beautiful thing. Inspiration and meaning is key to be attached to any gift.

Jardiniere Bracelet – $620

With that said, I’ve come to the conclusion that buying reasonably priced potential heirlooms is important to me. This realization has helped me to foster more positive mindsets; instead of thinking of what one may GET as an heirloom, you can think of what you may GIVE. When I buy an item that is more expensive, that I know I won’t be burying myself with – lol – I think who would love this? And even – why am I buying this piece in the first place? Often what I buy reminds me of inspiration from someone else – in that case, I would consider giving this piece to them, and if I could, I’d include a note of the history and meaning of the gift. Passing inspiration, stories and the ability to pursue your dreams is far more valuable, healthy and helpful for loved ones living on without your guidance and help.

I’ve focused just on jewelry for faves this week, with the idea of giving heirlooms in mind. Feel free to browse, shop and intend to give 🙂 I find that these pieces are interesting couture pieces to consider.

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xo, Aly

Rough Cut Diamond Necklace – $730

Tresor Collection – Moonstone Hoop Earrings $700-$1200

Kaliko Necklace – $580

Jarin K Cuff – $1,250

Jarin K Lace Cuff – $1,250

Lente Ring – $580

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