For your wedding you can do whatever you want. I chose a multi coloured (blue and grey) couture wedding dress designed by Viktor & Rolfe. The dress was beautiful and comfortable. If I were to do it again, I would go even more unconventional with my wedding dress colour and style. Shown below are some of my picks this week from Couture Candy. The affiliate links below if purchased through will allow the seller to forward a small portion of the sale price (with no increased cost to you) to help keep this website going, so thank you in advance for any purchases!

I love this dress and I think it would be very flattering on many. I see wearing it at an upscale country wedding, just outside of the city. The black embroidery around the waistline is beautiful and flattering. The dress is unique and interesting. I love this one! Check it out here!

This couture wedding dress is from the same line. I love how the black makes for an exceptional detail and design for this dress, check it out here.

I can see this dress working really well for a fall wedding. The autumn colours are amazing in this dress. Check out sizing and more information here.

Another autumn wedding dress to consider. Please see more information here.

A shorter olive coloured wedding dress. This dress is so beautiful and unique. Check it out here.

A shorter black and floral wedding dress example above. Please check out pricing here.

I find this olive and black couture dress so interesting. I would happily wear it! Its funny with couture, that at times you view a piece and you can think its the most beautiful design and the ugliest at the same time lol! Check out more details here.

Another really interesting dress. It has a victorian gothic feel to it. I could suit a fall or spring wedding quite well. Please see details here.

Can you tell that I love the colour green? This dress is a beautifully designed multi colored wedding dress to consider. Please see here for more details.

A shorter white and floral wedding dress. The placement of the embroidery is beautiful. Please see sizing here.

A more casual wedding dress – please see details here.

I love this couture wedding dress. It might be my favourite white dress that I’ve seen lately. Please see sizing and options here.

If you’re looking for a black wedding dress with red detail, look no further! This is beautiful. To see pricing and sizing please click here.

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Have a fabulous weekend & if you have any questions feel free to reach out here.