This piece originated from ink and watercolour artwork that I completed while on vacation in Calgary this summer. I love accents of burnt orange and decided to combine that colour in an abstract quilt pattern in this piece. The piece is entitled ‘Yellow and Orange quilt print, No.1, 2018.’ Ink, watercolour, digital media. The piece is widely available in four sizes – please click here for sizing and pricing. 

The piece can be hung horizontally or vertically to suit your space. The listing defaults to a vertical hang, however please let me know if you would prefer a horizontal hang for this piece.

I enjoy changing the decor of a room based on season. The burnt orange quilted piece suits fall and winter very well. For custom sizing to suit your space, beyond what is available on Redbubble, please contact me for sizing and pricing requirements.

All art available on Redbubble can be bought in a canvas format, art print or framed print. I tend to enjoy the canvas prints the most. The hardware is included for hanging.

Another way to refresh a room based on season is to change pillow case covers. Here is a version of the orange quilted piece in a high quality pillow case. There is an option to have stuffed pillows delivered as well if you need the pillow insert.

Happy fall!

xo, Aly.