Profile by Gottex Swimsuit

As I approach 40, I am reminded that I have worn many styles of swimwear over the years, with varying levels of quality and durability. I vividly remember losing my swimwear top or bottoms in several situations including: during water skiing, a brave jump from a diving tower and once, just by walking into a significant wave at the beach! I am adventurous, but I don’t like my swimwear to be.

I’m often asked about good bathing suit options, especially for sizes eight and over, or for those who have bodies in transition. With this in mind, I thought I would share what has worked for me.

Featured here is Profile by Gottex, a line of swimwear I have bought and worn comfortably. The construction of the swimwear is fantastic and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The Profile by Gottex suits are well constructed and, if bought in the correct size, have a slimming effect due to their construction and style — YAY! Even when faced with a daunting variety of their bathing suits to sample, a crummy mood or a hot, stuffy changeroom, I am always pleasantly surprised when I try on the Profile by Gottex suits. It should be said that their quality is accurately reflected in the price, so for me I kept it to two suits last year, both of which are still in great condition and remain among my favourites.

Have a fabulous day and keep swimming, Lovelies!